Jazminn - Lingerie

The second half of our shoot last week was a lingerie themed shoot, just in time for Valentines day. This was fun as we used my roommates lovely room and turned it into a little boudoir session. It's always fun to experiment with something you don't normally do, and this was no exception.  Kara did an amazing job on the makeup and Jazminn killed it as usual. I'm super happy with how these turned out. 


Creative : Jazminn x Kara

I am so excited to share some new creative photos I did with two of my lovely friends Jazminn (the model) and Kara (MUA). We all went together in brainstorming ideas for the shoot with colour schemes, themes, setting, and props. 

We first started out with using milk and powdered milk in the bath, to make it super dreamy. We added in some flowers and shot with those. Then we took out all the flowers, added in a pink bath bomb from lush and later added the flowers again. It was a lot of work for us to do in my bathroom, but we managed to pull it off. And I am extremely happy with the results compared to previous milk bath shoots I've done. 

Give them both a follow to keep up with their work! 
Jazminn: www.instagram.com/jazminnhayes
Kara: www.instagram.com/karaallysonmua

Honest Ed's

The second last day that Honest Ed's was open I finally managed to do a shoot there that I was wanting to do for over a year. I was really attracted to the look of string lights down a little alley, and I'm so glad that we managed to do it. Although there were a lot of tourists, and the lights got turned off two hours before they were supposed to close, so I didn't get the shot I wanted. But I'm still happy we got there. Big shoutout to my roommate Steph for trekking it in the cold with me and making this happen. 


Crystalyne @ The Drake Underground

November 19th, 2016

Crystalyne had a last minute show opening up for The Treble at the Drake Underground. It is one of my favourite venues for Aesthetic, but not well known for great lighting. Regardless I'm happy with the photos I got. And Crystalyne played a killer set as per usual. It was great to be back working with Crystalyne and can't wait to see what they'll do next! 

Meaghan @ Dundas Peak

Meaghan wanted to adventure out to Dundas Peak. She went to McMaster in Hamilton, and explored there before but decided it would be great to go again. Little did we know that it became a huge tourist destination and was absolutely packed. Note to self : go on a weekday next time...this was crazy. But the view was so worth it. It's an absolutely stunning place so of course we had to take some photos. 

Ally @ Sunnyside Beach

October 12, 2016

Can you believe it's October? I certainly can't... Ally and I headed to Sunnyside Beach this week and did this shoot. It was 20 degrees around 5pm...when it's the beginning of October. It was so nice and I was so excited to do one last summery type shoot. Ally absolutely killed it, she was so much fun to shoot and I'm so happy with how it went!

Jazminn Loft Shoot

Sometime in August... 

This shoot happened a few weeks ago, but the end of Summer has been pretty busy. I've been finishing off some weddings, band promos, and preparing for more weddings in September. But I finally finished off this fun shoot I did with my friend Jazminn. I'm sure you've seen her face plenty on my blog by now. But she's trying to do more freelance modelling, and I love to try new concepts and ideas out, so its a win-win situation for us. (Besides, she's gorgeous!) 

Here are some photos we took in her apartment a while back. 


On July 22nd weekend my best friend Meaghan and I decided to make a whole weekend out of her 23rd birthday (which was sooooooo much fun!) Part of my birthday present to her was to do a new photo session at the Scarborough Bluffs on her actual birthday. Which kinda led into two more photo shoots....one in a forest in Barrie, and another at a beach down the road from my cottage. 

The night of her birthday Meaghan rented a gorgeous suite downtown and we went out to celebrate. The next day we headed up to my parents place in cottage country and on the way up found out we had passes for WAYHOME and stopped in to catch Third Eye Blind, ride the ferris wheel and watch Arkells play a killer set. We made it up to my parents place and had a great day out on the water and used up the rest of some leftover smoke bombs I had from a shoot. We tried one smoke bomb at each shoot location pretty unsuccessfully. Mostly because I was freaking out about using them, because you can get fined for even taking professional photographs in certain places such as the bluffs without a permit. 

Here are some of my favourites from our fun filled, photo taking, birthday celebrating weekend! 

Ps. Meaghan is probably the most adorable human being you've ever seen. And the giggle that goes along with that laughing smile is to die for. 

Crystalyne Follow EP Release Party

Wednesday August 10th, 2016
@ Smiling Buddha

Last night was the release party for Crystalyne's new album 'Follow'. Words can't begin to explain how proud I am of all of their hard work going into making this album and show happen. I've been helping with all the visual content during the recording process and have witnessed all the work that goes on behind the scenes first hand. And it is a lot. 

They absolutely killed the VIP acoustic set, set, the encore, and the whole night. I'm so unbelievably proud and can't wait to keep working with these guys! 

If you haven't already picked up their album on iTunes go do it now! Or if you like having physical copies (like I do) you can head over to their website and order one. There may even be a photo in there done by yours truly. 

Darien Lakes Warped Tour

Thursday July 14th, 2016

Last week I took a little road trip with my friends to Buffalo Warped Tour at Darien Lakes. It was a little unplanned for me as I found out about my photo pass the night before, but the day was still amazing. The rain held off this year and only spit a bit at the beginning. The first band I headed to see was With Confidence, a pop punk band from Australia that just recently got signed to Hopeless Records. They were highly recommended to me from my friend Jazminn who knows them from her time living in Australia. I ended up doing an exciting little project with them, which will be coming shortly. But I can't thank them enough for the wonderful day. 

I also headed over to see some favourites, Real Friends, The Color Morale, and The Maine. As well as checking out some bands such as In Hearts Wake and many more. I managed to do some portraits as well throughout the day! 

Jazminn and I headed over to the Darien Lakes amusement park with the guys in With Confidence and I tried a rollercoaster again (thought I was terrified of them) and actually loved it. So it was a great Warped Tour all around. 


June 29th, 2016

My wonderful friend Jazminn just returned from an 8 month adventure in Australia on a working visa. She's been staying at my place while figuring out her life back in Toronto. While she was here we talked about doing a shoot again for fun, and then somehow ended up on the conclusion that it's time to launch a modelling portfolio with a promo video! And thats kinda what this shoot turned into. I couldn't be happier for her, and the result of the video, site, and shoot. 

Ellie Goulding @ ACC

June 19th, 2016
@ Air Canada Centre

Last night I checked off one of my goals, photographing Ellie Goulding. Each year around Christmas I make a new goal list for the upcoming year. Things I want to accomplish with my photography career, as well as artists I'd love to shoot. And last night I got to work the show for Goldenvoice. I helped out with the Meet & Greet and got to see a cool glimpse into fans interacting with someone they look up to. It was heart warming. The whole show was amazing, as usual. But it was especially amazing to photograph it. The lights were unreal, the stage set up, the dancers, all the production was amazing. 

I also captured some photos of the MLSE (Air Canada Entertainment Company) team gifting Ellie with some custom gifts and an OVO/Raptors Jacket which she later wore on stage during the encore. The reaction was amazing, so I decided to include those too. 

New York on Film

This is the second post of my New York trip, where I'll be sharing some of my favourite film shots. I brought two rolls of film down and wasn't too sure if I'd use them both. But on my last full day there we were walking across the high line, and had no idea what else was to come..so I popped in the second roll. I feel like I ended up using my film camera throughout the trip than my DSLR.